Welcome to the African-Descendant Foundation (ADF)

African-Descendant Foundation (ADF) is a not-for-profit organization.  The mandate of ADF is to; support, unite, uplift, inspire, educate and empower people of all ages who are of African descent, that live in or around the greater Toronto area.

We must stop the political, economical, moral, spiritual and cultural decline of our people.

It starts by acknowledge and remedying the “mind-control” and “mind-manipulation” that is occurring in mainstream media, entertainment, politics, and society as a whole so that we can have a prosperous future as a human race.

You can’t remain silent or inactive any more.  The hour of change is upon us.  Action needs to be taken.  Become a member today and discover, first-hand, how African-descendant Foundation (ADF) can help you to improve and empower your life today, and the lives of those around you, so that you can, finally, live in the “truly free” society that you deserve, now and for years to come.


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